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Song a Month

an icon challenge

One Song a Month - an icon challenge
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Hi, and welcome to the icon challenge community songamonth. We hope that you find this icon challenge a little bit different, not too hard and fun to do. Now, let that creativity flow!

But before we start we just want to shout out some credits for the lovely people making this pretty layout possible:
pnr (your mod) for putting it together
artphilia for the custom CSS
ohfreckle for the bright orange texture
Bruce Springsteen for the beautiful lyrics found on the header as well as all the subject headline things.

To get started, join the community and then submit a claim. You can now join the community even if you do not plan to claim anything. However, the first time you claim something you must state that you need posting access. The community is moderated to help us keep track of everything.

Once your claim has been accepted you have one week to finish your icons. All icons must follow the LJ icon specifics of 100x100 pixels in dimension and 40kb or less. Animated icons are also allowed. When you post your finished icons please comment to the completed post so the mods can give you a banner and add you to the hall of fame.
It's important that you post your icons directly in this community, so that the mods can tag them.

Once you have finished and posted your claim you are more than welcome to claim another subject. You can then use the alternative songs provided for the second (and onward) claim.

Your challenge is to make ten icons all withtin your claimed fandom/subject and all containing lyrics from the song of the month.
All ten icons must differ in some way; Do not use the same picture for all ten (in case you haven't claimed one picture alone. But you can use the same picture twice if you crop it differently and make the icons clearly different) nor the same part of the lyrics for anyone, not even two.
When it comes to the lyrics you can use lyrics that "overlap". For example, take this part from December's song:
My spirit sleeping somewhere cold
You can make one icon saying My spirit sleeping and one saying sleeping somewhere cold.

To make it a little trickier you must make at least one icon each with the following specifications:

Black and white - at least 50% of the icon must be desaturated.
Texture - the icon must visibly contain at least one texture or stock image. (Simple gradients do not count as textures
Title - the icon must have the title of the featured song as text, nothing more textwise.

For the other 7 icons, you can play free.
To clarify, since Title is about the text you can only have one icon with the title as text. But you can have all icons desatuared if you want, and all can have textures used in them.
And don't combine two of these, there have to be one of each. Of course you can have a desturated title icon, but then you also have to have another desaturated one.

You are allowed to add/remove questionmarks, commas, hyphens etc.
You may also change abbreviations such as "I'm" to "I am", and the other way around.

If you claim more than one person, every person has to be in every icon. Of course this does not apply if you claim for example a tv show or a movie in general.
If you claim an actor/actress the pictures you use shall all be off-character. For example promo pictures, red carpet pictures etc. Not movie promos, movie caps etc.

You are allowed to only use small parts of your subject, like a hand, but then the picture must be focusing on the hand. You can't have the focus on something else and the hand of your subject in the corner.

When your claim has been approved you have one week to finish.

Each month the mods will pick a song. The lyrics will be posted in the community and it's the lyrics of that song you will have to include in your icons.

Songs [lyrics]
Worried About You by The Rolling Stones
No Sleep Tonight by The Faders (alternative for second/third/etc claim)
A Thousand Kisses Deep by Leonard Cohen (alternative for second/third/etc claim)

When you've finished a claim you might pick another subject the same month. If you don't feel like using the same song again you are free to choose between the two alternatives given in the song post. This is only for your second (or more) claim.

If you want to suggest a song, do so here.

When you've chosen a fandom or subject, comment in this post (and follow the directions given there).
The subject can be very specific, like one person, or more general like a tv show (we allow everything!)
You can not claim the same subject as someone else during the same month. However if someone has claimed a tv show you can claim a character from that same show etc
When it comes to tv-shows you can also choose to claim for example an episode instead of characters. You are also welcome to claim themes of a tv show such as death or happiness or groups of people like soldiers or women of a fandom.
You are very welcome to use stock images as well as fanart (but ask the artist for permission before using their fanart).

When you've finished a claim you can claim something else the same month. Then you will have two other songs to choose from too.

When you're finished with your icons you post them in this community. Do not link to another journal, however it's perfectly fine to link to your post here.
Fill in the following form with the information provided to you at acceptance of your claim:

Also post 1-3 "teaser icons", the rest has to be beneath a lj-cut.

The title of your post should be as follows:
Category - Sub-category - Subject

If the icons contain any kind of spoilers, please warn. Be specfic, example: "SPOILER WARNING! episode 2x22 ending" etc

If you want to use an icon by another user, comment to that post. Never steal, never hotlink.

The community is organised using the tagging system. Please do not tag your own entries, the mods will do that. Sorry! This might change depending on how busy the community gets but for the moment leave that to us :D
When browsing the tags, know that "the" in the beginning of for example a movie-name has been excluded.

When you've posted your icons, comment in the completed post where you will recieve a banner and be added to the list of fame.
When posting and commenting use this form with the information provided to you at acceptance of your claim:

If you want to become an affiliate, please comment in this post.
(the post also includes a short description of all the challenges/icontests)


This community is currently run by two mods, pnr and ravenlullaby. If you have any questions or for some other reason want to contact either of them, do so either through commenting in the mod-journal songamonthmods or sending an email to either mod.
While accepting claims etc the mods may appear either through their personal journals or through the modjournal.

We hope you will enjoy this challenge!
(And pssst, spread the word!)