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If you have completed your claim, go here

Your claim can be very specific, like one person or coffee, or more general like a TV show.
You can claim everything. People, art, movies, flowers, corncobs etc. Free your imagination!
When it comes to tv-shows you can also choose to claim for example an episode instead of characters. You are also welcome to claim themes of a tv show such as death or happiness or groups of people like soldiers or women of a fandom.

You can not claim the same subject/song-combo as someone else (or twice yourself) during the same month. However if someone has claimed a tv show in general you can claim a character or episode from that same show. Same goes for movies, bands etc. Or if someone has claimed a subject for one song, you can claim it for another.

You can claim multiple episodes from a tv show, but they need to be tightly tied together, like "Avalon part 1" and "Avalon part 2". If you claim a character from a series of movies, e.g. Star Wars, you are allowed to use pictures from all movies. Then you just put the series title as sub-category.

If you claim more than one person, every person has to be in every icon. Of course this does not apply if you claim for example a tv show or a movie in general.
If you claim an actor/actress the pictures you use shall all be off-character. For example promo pictures, red carpet pictures etc. Not movie promos, movie caps etc.

You are very welcome to use stock images as well as fanart (but ask the artist for permission before using their fanart).

When you've finished a claim you can claim something else the same month. You will then be able to choose from two more songs (of course you can make another set with the main song of the month too).
You are however allowed to claim multiple things at the same time. You would still only have a week though, to make 20 (or even more) icons.
If you claim multiple things at the same time in your first claim of a month, they all have to be the main song. It's not until you have posted a set for the main song that we will accept a claim for one of the extra songs.

You have one week to finish.
These are the rules when it comes to being overdue:
If your week is running up or we notice you're overdue we will kindly ask you what's goin on and if you want an extension (things can happen in your life or with your computer, we know that). You will then get a week extension. If you're not finished when that week is up we will withdraw your claim.
Of course there are some exceptions. If you ask for another extension yourself (we won't ask you a second time) and have a good reason we may very well grant it. In very special circumstances you can get a longer extension from the beginning, like if you're turning your computer in for repair and don't know if you'll get it back in a week.

Use the following form to submit your claim (by commenting in this post)

Song: The song of the month. If you are on your second or third subject of the month it's important that you state which alternative you chose.
Category: Is it a person, a tv show, a video game? If it is an individual such as a model or actor the category will be "famous people". Musicians of any sort will go under "Music".
Sub-category: The name of said tv show or video game. If you've chosen a person you should enter his/her proffession here (actor, model etc). For musicians if they are in a band please include the band name and if not just put solo or the instrument they play if they are not a singer.
Subject: The name of above said person or the name of the character(s) you want to use from your chosen tv show, video game etc. If you choose an episode of a tv show, please include episode number and name of the episode. If you want to make it a little easier you can just put "general" as your subject allowing you to use various characters from a movie/tv show.
Journal that needs posting access: This is only needed if this is your first claim. If you've already completed a claim you will have posting access til you leave te community.

Song: Alone by Judas Priest
Category: TV
Sub-category: Farscape
Subject: Aeryn Sun

Songs [lyrics]
Worried About You by The Rolling Stones
No Sleep Tonight by The Faders (alternative for second/third/etc claim)
A Thousand Kisses Deep by Leonard Cohen (alternative for second/third/etc claim)
Tags: #claim post
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